The Winners Are Coming the Winners are Coming!

Thanks to all that participated in – or tuned into – the log-line merriment. 

I’d like to address some of the remarks / feelings shared about the headline selected for the competition. Some found the choice to be offensive; my intent was not to belittle or poke fun at one’s tragedy, but to find a particular byte that could be tooled into a log-line for all seasons. It could be comedy; it could tragedy. It could be satire, suspense, horror or even a supernatural thriller. The log-line derived from this particular headline could be the inception of a story; it could even be its prequel – or the headline could be the full story itself.

In short, I was looking for a headline that could be *that* malleable. I think I found it.

Now, while I chew and peruse the wonderful entries, a treat for you: TCM, that most venerable of cable film networks, is once again broadcasting the acclaimed series, “Movie Stars and Moguls – the Making of Hollywood.”

I’m astounded by those who wish to write for and create films, and yet, know little or nothing about the history of the creation of  moving pictures as story, and of the industry that brought films to the forefront of the world’s imagination. That’s akin to wanting to be an engineer, yet not feeling it necessary to study the creation of the arch, the wheel, or the Aqueduct.

Weave those magic tales, ladies.

Want to work in Tinseltown? Get your education on, and watch this in-depth series. For the royal ladies of the court, a lesson about how women and minorities have faced disempowerment – the former since since the arrival of Will Hays. Perhaps this will get your gander up enough to channel your inner Scheherazade and create your own brand of change.

And, if you miss it, never fear. The series is newly released for sale on Amazon. No excuses, eh?

Now, go write.

HRH – Princess Scribe

What I am reading: Ploughing through the Autobiography of Mark Twain. Yum.

What I am watching: Please see above.

A Royal Shout-Out: To all of you who played the log-line game. It takes courage to dive in and put yourself out there like that. Y’all deserve a big ole tiara. Huzzah!

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3 Responses to The Winners Are Coming the Winners are Coming!

  1. on tenterhooks waiting for the results. or is it tentacles? or tenderloin? or tendonitis?


  2. Sherry Greer says:

    For those people that found the reference line offensive, insensitive, ect. I say BooHoo to you. They must not have liked the Dog Squishing Scenes in a “Fish Called Wanda” either, but for me I found the reference line to stimulate my childhood memories of movie Fairy Godmothers and Comic book Super heroes.


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