Articles / Interviews

Midlife on Fire_graphic w GLOW&RSP_1“Midlife on Fire” – Midlife, Interrupted

Film Courage – Going Indie Takes Courage

Social Hollywood Interview

Learnist – Filmmakers to You’ll Hear About in 2013

The Sheena Metal Experience Interviews November 14 and December 14, 2012

Casey Ryan’s Cutting Room Floor Interview

Articles and Analysis at Save the Cat!

My time with Blake was such a gift. Click here to listen to Blake’s podcast on the beats; you can hear me giggle in the background. Below are some of my continuing contributions to STC, the beat machine, and the art of story structure.

Save the Cat! Goes to the Dark Side

Creating an Anti-Hero: Save the Cat! Saves the Day

Rules of the World

“Inception” Beat Sheet

“The Fighter” Beat Sheet

Writers Rewrite


Former Editor, Screenwriting U

Special Thanks, The Starter Screenplay by Adam Levenberg (Kindle)

Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce 125 Jubilee videos:  Part 1   Part 2   Part 3

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