And the Winner Is…

Whew! It’s been an interesting journey, but finally, the log-line winner is announced!

Let me begin with congratulating you all for such exceptional work. I did have to disqualify one player for not providing a title. Having to do this makes my tiara droop; however, this is a business in which Rule #1 is… follow the Rules.

My decision was not easy – not at all. Ultimately, I made my choice on what I believed to be a concise, well-written, commercially driven log-line for a studio film. It truly had all the elements of a real, professional pitch – using a very quirky and odd headline as its springboard.

Hmm. What would an anti-log-line contest look like….?

… but I distract myself.

*clears throat*

Court Percussionist…. the drumroll, please….

and the winner is….


by Katherine Bennet

“A stranded Grandma-to-be with Time Machine jet lag gets more than she bargained for, and must outwit a Nemesis Assassin, a disgruntled employer, and the unforgiving Arctic to return in time for the birth, in this vast comedy as dark as the frozen tundra is white, in “Nana Breaks the Ice.”

Congrats, Katherine!

And… since I was tardy in my decision-making, I’m sweetening the deal for all. Each one of the participants, please contact me. I have a gift for you. And for Katherine – well I’m sweetening your winnings, too. Email HRH at princessscribe (at) gmail dot com

Give yourselves all a huge pat on the back, a big hug for jobs well done, and thank you for making this job so difficult!

Now, go write.

HRH – Princess Scribe

About princessscribe

Screenwriter. Creator of things. I love tacos. "Midlife on Fire" Volumes 1 & 2 now available at
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