I’ve been thinking a lot about the ending of CAST AWAY lately. Chuck Noland stands at a crossroads on an open plain. Four points of the compass lie before him… which does he choose?

Being a creative can be like being a castaway. Some value for your talent – the Hollywood, is the measure of your worth. For a time, you are valued by others, and then the industry ADD kicks in. More than once, you’ll find yourself experiencing the above-described metaphor.  And thus, you feel cast away.

How do you react? Are you Lear, railing at the wind? Do you crumple and give up? No. You simply move on… for the island has taught you plenty. You lived there for awhile. You kept it a clean and well-lighted place.

Your value is immense. The loss is not yours. It is theirs. Time and again, you will find yourself at these crossroads, for it is the nature of the beast.

Take a breath. Look at the roads… and choose wisely. Find the most open – for this is your journey. There may be bumps and potholes. There always are. Make certain that it is a road that you want to drive on… and travel on your own.

And on your path, you may bump into someone. You may share the same stroke – or compliment one another. Paddle to an island together and see what works.

Now, go write.

HRH, Princess Scribe

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5 Responses to Crossroads

  1. Melody Lopez says:

    I just watched the movie. Talk about hitting all the beats…opening image, sets up powerful symbol of “hope” for Chuck and then closing image with the symbolic delivery of a returned unopened package…is exactly what Chuck now has.. a future that has yet to be opened… ah…good story telling is timeless…

    as are you Anne and I don’t think you’re ever cast away without value… that just means when you’ve made your mark- you’ve made it and you move to the next line, completely intact, with more value for the experience and start something else…or pause. Pauses are good. And then you start right up at the next creative juncture…but never can you lose value… not in my eyes…and I hope not in your own. Some golfers win 1 Major…and that’s their entire career… and you know what? That’s awesome!!! Not all writers get produced..but those that do… BRAVO… an ENCORE would be nice…just like another WIN on the PGA…but no matter what…you’ve made your mark in history of film or the sports records book- whatever your genre/sport. You know what I mean Jelly Bean?


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  3. Ed Colman says:

    Anne- This is particularly relevant to me right now. I have been recently “cast away” by my former employer. And as you said, it is their loss. I have been at that crossroads many times in my life, and now stand there again. But this time, it is a bit different. I am older, and like to think a tiny bit wiser. (We’ll see about that.) I am looking down each path carefully, trying to discern the one that will be the most satisfying, where I can use all those experiences you write about most fully. It is also apropos that this is the start of a new year, a time of new beginnings for everyone. Thanks for encapsulating what we all feel as we embark on the new chapters of our life’s journey.


    • Ed, I was so sorry to have learned of what happened. It’s really difficult when you are treated as fungible… but you have so much to offer others. I’m glad that you are choosing your path carefully… and this event will most likely be the one that was “supposed” to be as it will launch a whole new chapter of your life. Happy New Year to you!


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