Current Projects:


Not your usual webseries, They Live Among Us weaves a rich tapestry of fallen angels, suicidal spirits and the humans they love as they struggle to find grace in the place known as the City of Angels.

“Imagine Wim Wenders’ WINGS OF DESIRE as a webseries and you’re on your way to THEY LIVE AMONG US.” Screenread Webzine (GE)

“The result? TLAU is a beautifully written, masterfully acted, modern fable about the dreams, loves, and longings of an entire city… an exceptional webseries of uncommon depth.” The 7th Matrix review


A downtrodden woman creates a plan to leave her abusive husband. But when she shares the plan with her best friend, complications ensue.

Coming Soon! As part of the CineLadies Summer Film Collective


A Hammer Down Production. (c) 2012 Hammer Down Productions and They Live Among Us Productions. Special thanks to Shadow Works Media Group and Journey Blue Films.

Interglobal Trading Fund, a shadow agency that serves global governments and conglomerations, plucks its recruits straight from the foster-care system. After erasing their memories, the agency trains these orphans for 15 years, programming them to become the world’s greatest time-traveling assassins. But some memories refuse to be buried…


For inquires into reality and scripted projects, please contact Steve Glick at The Glick Agency 310-593-6500

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