Happy Holidays

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Screenwriter. Creator of things. I love tacos. "Midlife on Fire" Volumes 1 & 2 now available at Amazon.com.
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6 Responses to Happy Holidays

  1. Melody Lopez says:

    Caim (sp?) and the snow…and a skyline with night lights…
    where’s the mistletoe when you need it?


  2. Melody Lopez says:

    I wanted to be the first to like this but apparently I don’t have a wordpress account


    • I think you are the first! I think!

      And yes – Caim. Caim is listed in religious mythology as one of the original fallen ones; a President amongst his ranks. Some theologians confuse him with Cain, but much of the literature I read had him – Caim – as a separate entity. His symbol is that of the crow. Fitting, huh?


  3. mjlower says:

    Lovely card.

    xoxo, Mom


  4. Dan says:

    Have a great holiday YRH



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