Bottomless Wishing Well

I’m micro-blogging while I push TLAU through post, get my i’s dotted and t’s crossed for the next step in the series… and of course, there is the CineLadies Summer Collective, and EXIT PLAN to post.

In the meantime, a promo for a beautiful woman, inside and out. Cari Eden Kindl has allowed us to use “Bottomless Wishing Well” in Episode 5 of TLAU. Here, she uses footage from Episode 2, to weave a story of a downtrodden young woman, struggling to get out of the place she calls “between heaven and hell”… on the streets of Afghanistan. It’s eerie, the collision of these two worlds – the worlds of Cari’s beautiful music, and the world of TLAU. Please click on the link and LIKE Cari’s music. The winner will be performing at a special New Year’s Eve event, opening for none other than Little River Band. We so appreciate Cari’s incredible support and her generous spirit. Ivet, Geoff, Terence, Silvio, Nina and Don all get some nice footage in this spot. Please support our TLAU Angel, Cari Eden Kindl!

You can “LIKE” her entry here.

Thank you…. and now, go write.

HRH, Princess Scribe


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  1. Michelle Shy says:

    Done. Thanks, Cari!


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