Passion Play

images-1I’ve been described as a passionate person.

Passion wields a double-edged sword, for you cannot write with it alone.

You also cannot write without it.

I’ve been in post production for several projects, one of them being Episode 4 of They Live Among Us. As 4-6 prepare to launch, I’ve been revisiting the TLAU blogs, beginning with that day, that watershed moment during which the story really began to germinate. What caused this seed to sprout?


Commercial filmmaking often tries to take passion out of the equation, for passion is an uncaged beast. It’s an emotional response, and one that can begin to rule. It can envelop the artist like a fluid cloak. It is a fierce protector of what it loves, like a tigress defending her cub, and those that base success on profit margins, or need the approval of the masses get very nervous when faced with this primal response.

imagesI have an ongoing battle within my brain. I’m ruled by my right brain. My left brain, however, is not always happy with this, and demands that I grant it its due. When I create a story, the two argue back and forth; I just sit in my chair or walk down the street as they duke it out. Eventually, they come to an agreement, and I return home and start working again.

I think I’ve been letting my left brain have the upper hand a tad too much. Returning to TLAU has taught me this, for had I listened to my left brain, none of this would have happened. Passion compelled me to create it. Passioned compelled me to write a one hour pilot in three days, and to write a little Depression era tale about a one armed man after a weekend with Blake. Passion compels me to pursue, without hesitation, my dreams. And so, without regret, I open my arms and my heart wide, and once again give myself the permission to create with passion. I hope that you do, too.

Now, go write.

HRH, Princess Scribe


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4 Responses to Passion Play

  1. Your passion is a light!


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