A little over a year ago… and so apropos.

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A most curious thing happened yesterday. I shared a little of it with my friend Lynn last night… but was simply unable to articulate the event until now. I’m certain I owe this sudden articulation to the can of Rockstar I just downed.

I had run out of facial moisturizer. I’m into hydration big time. I scurried over to CVS to snag a bottle of Olay Regenerist.

As I stood in the checkout lane, I noticed that the woman in front of me seemed to be having trouble. She had two compacts of blush – one coral, one pink. She kept looking from one to the other, in confusion.

It was her turn to checkout. She placed both on the conveyor belt and asked the clerk,”Which one is coral?”

The clerk said nothing. I stepped forward and pointed to the coral. “This is coral,” I said. Then I pointed to…

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