The Metal Experience

Sheena Metal ExperienceLast night, a unique opportunity was presented to me. Thanks to Collin Pelton, G and I were invited to be guests on LA’s top-rated Talk Radio show – The Sheena Metal Experience.

With 30 minutes to spare, I peeled off my jammies (it had been a long day), ran a comb through my hair and hustled down Ventura to LA Talk Radio’s Studio.

I’ve been following Sheena for quite a while. She’s a huge supporter of artists, and of indie film. I knew that TLAU and ITF would be right up her alley, but I had never been able to get on the show.

Until last night. Lunch, Collin. Soon.

Sheena is an astute and seasoned professional. She’s a quadruple threat: literary chops, loves music, theatre background, cinemaphile… she’s sharp and intelligent, and ultimately down-to-earth. She has a directness to her, she gets straight to business. Although she originally hails from the East Coast, she’s got a bit of that Plains Pioneer feel to her… but rather than flinty, she exudes warmth. She’s a great gal.

Here’s a link to last night’s show (scroll down to Wednesday, November 14). It’s a two-hour part; hour one had Eddie Deezen, Sherry Mattson and others discussed Sherry’s new short I Love You, Eddie Deezen. HRH came in at around minute 73; G mosied on in at about 85:45. We chatted about screenwriting, TLAU, ITF and adventures in indie filmmaking.

Sheena, I bow to you. You are, in my estimation, awesomeballs.

Now, go write.

HRH, Princess Scribe

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3 Responses to The Metal Experience

  1. mjlower says:

    I enjoyed this SO much. I also downloaded it, and don’t know how to find it in my computer. How??

    Love, Mom


    • Mom, it depends on where your downloads are directed. Have Chris show you where Finder is. Probably it is located in Finder>your hard drive name > Users > Marilyn > Downloads.

      Yes. You just saw me do this. Everyone say hi to Mom.


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