Global Filmmaking

I’ve said before that it takes a village to make an indie film.

ITF is in its final days of post-production. Then, off to the distributor… and we sit. And wait.

We wrote it. We breathed life into it. We nurtured it through the false labor of pre-production and now are in those final, breathless, painful hours. Will it have five fingers and toes? On each hand and foot respectively?

And most of all – what will people think?

I was talking to John Aprea at our ADR session yesterday. He wanted to know how I felt. “Excited,” I said. Then, “Terrified.”

You can actualize your vision. Then, you put it out there. After that, it is out of your hands and out of your control.

We’ve had an incredible group of people come together to make this happen. People gave of themselves, donating time, muscle and talent. It’s been an international event; VFX headed up from Mexico City, and today, I present to you our poster, from a favorite bloke from down under – Russell Southam of Little Big Film Company.

Long live graphic art! Enjoy.

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“At ITF, our motto is ‘Time Is On Our Side.'”


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13 Responses to Global Filmmaking

  1. Melody lopez says:

    Love it. Break a leg y’all


  2. dehelen says:

    Scrumptious poster! yum.


  3. Freakin’. Awesome. 🙂


  4. steveharshfield says:



  5. mjlower says:

    Wow! Powerful poster.


  6. Jan Militello says:

    Do I remember correctly? Will this be a web series? Looks awesome. Best Wishes.


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