Until We Meet Again

I had planned a brief blog tomorrow, but life circumstances force bloggus interupptus.

Tomorrow morning, a friend that I’ve made begins a new journey.

I first met Gary Anderson early this year. He reached out to me via LinkedIn. He had

Gary is ManCandy. And ladies, he’s a great cook!

moved to LA and wanted to find like minds (no budget filmmakers) with the vision of creating a community of support amongst creatives in LA. Those of us who will say “Yeah, I’ll do this for free. Next time you can help me.”

Gary was, and is, a man ahead of his time.

He came on board as Line Producer for TLAU 4-6. He was a rock. My work consumed and overwhelmed me, and he helped me stand tall, always with a kind word, a hug, and quiet consideration… followed by a filthy quote.

God, I love this dude.

Gary then joined G, Morgan and me for the creation of ITF. He stood tall and proud. During the great Control Room Smackdown of 2012, Gary did not flinch. He was stalwart. He took it when I cried out for more pizza. He was – and is – a man among men.

Gary, buddy, we’re going to miss you. I’M going to miss you, but you’ll always be an email, text or call away. Do me a favor, keep the L.A. exchange for a while, ok?

Happy trails to you. May big D be all that you dream. Thanks for being there. I won’t say goodbye. I’ll see you soon.

Much love,


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2 Responses to Until We Meet Again

  1. Gary Anderson says:

    I’m sure I Iooked like a dumbass, sitting in a Jack in the Box with tears in my eyes while I read this. (And why isn’t the past tense of ‘read’ simply “red”? Hmmm…? Answer me that, Merriam-Webster! I digress…)

    Annie, you have no idea how much I needed something like this right now. I’m not only taking a piece of LA with me to Dallas, but leaving a big piece of my heart here with people like you. Thank you; you’re more than welcome; all of that. It was my great pleasure getting to know you and all of your friends and endless film family. Thank you for taking me under your wing and making me a part of them. You honor me.



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