It’s All About Gratitude…

I had planned to write about something else today, but an action I took yesterday needs addressing.

I needed a poster for TLAU; I turned to my talented friend Jordan Knight to knock one out. This is what she sent me – according to my specifications:

Gorgeous, isn’t it? She nailed it. I was very, very proud of the tagline. Very. Proud. So much, that it was all I cared about.

Later that day, I looked at it again. The bottom bothered me – my name was large and out there… and then, it hit me.

Where was the cast? The DP? The production team? The composer?

I had left out my team. I had put myself out there, and buried them in the clouds and the darkness.

I posted on Facebook “I kinda feel like a dick,” a statement that provoked a lot of hilarity.

But I do. I do feel like a dick.

Therefore, the poster is down. Ms. Knight is hard at it again, fixing my flubbery.

Film is a collaborative medium. It’s not MY series – it’s ours.

Now, go write.

HRH, Princess Scribe

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Screenwriter. Creator of things. I love tacos. "Midlife on Fire" Volumes 1 & 2 now available at
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15 Responses to It’s All About Gratitude…

  1. Kjirstin Youngberg says:

    I’m continually amazed at the light and talent in graphic design artists…and don’t be so hard on yourself-you were going for brevity, right?


  2. Oopsie! Everyone makes mistakes — I think what matters more is how we deal with the mistakes we make. Sounds like you did well. =)


  3. Ron Tatar says:

    How about “And Talented People show you what they do.” as a tagline?


  4. dehelen says:

    I’m glad you thought of it yourself. I look forward to seeing the new poster, and I love this one for self promotion. Clean.


  5. Ron Tatar says:

    The name of the show is They Live Among Us. So instead of the tagline you have, and you want to give your people credit, I thought And Talented People show you what they do might work as a tagline.


  6. Bryan says:

    In a general sense, I think the following may apply. I’m learning, the hard way, that the way to outlive those instances in my life when I’ve been a jerk, is to live in a way to make them easily forgivable. So, nice recovery. Very nice. I appreciate your humility, it will serve you well.


    • When Blake died, at his memorial, one of his friends, a prolific TV writer/director spoke candidly about life. His advice? Be okay with falling down. If you haven’t fallen, you haven’t lived. Just pick yourself up… and don’t trip over the same spot.
      Great advice.


  7. Ray Tapia says:

    Indeed, it is REFRESHING to see “sorry” returning to standard speech!


  8. Frank Wood says:

    Just don’t go too far the other way and forget to keep your own name on there too. Now, who gets top billing?
    A serious question: is there an industry protocol for billing order? Would it be the same for a poster as it is for screen credits? I have noticed that writers’ names (usually?) appear in opening credits but are (sometimes?) omitted from closing credits.


    • Credits are negotiated by representation (usually). Movie posters have a semi-standard protocol, but opening and closing credits are all about who wields the mightiest sword. 😉


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