Get Thee to Panera

Drama is everywhere. It is all around you – if you look close enough.

If you have ever felt uninspired; if you believe your muse to have abandoned you, do not despair. Get out your laptop, or your legal pad, walk to your local coffee shop, order a cuppa, take a deep breath and look around.

Case in point: IMPASSE – a short film, written by Jeanne Veillette Bowerman; directed by Michael Bekemeyer.

Jeanne is one of my favorite women on the planet. Brave, beautiful, funny as hell – and one heckuva writer.

In February of 2011, Jeanne found herself at what she refers to as her local “Panera Office,’ waiting for her kids to finish school so she could chauffeur them around. Jeanne was working on her feature, an adaptation of Douglas Blackmon’s “Slavery By Another Name,” when something outside of Panera caught her eye. A couple, in the freezing cold, engaged in a bitter quarrel. They seemed at an impasse.

For the next hour, Jeanne tweeted out the couple’s argument as seen through her eyes. By the end of the event, it felt as if the entire Twitterverse was watching, each Tweep on the edge of his or her own seat. It was funny, it was heartbreaking, it had highs and lows – it was Drama with a capital “D.”

Flash forward to June 2012. Jeanne’s prepping to travel to Florida where she, Michael, Seattle-based actress Wonder Russell and others will be filming the short film “Impasse.”

All because Jeanne keeps her eyes open. She knows that there is always a great story, waiting to be found.

Read the Tweets that birthed “Impasse.”

Now, go write.

HRH, Princess Scribe

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3 Responses to Get Thee to Panera

  1. Another relevant and beautifully written post. You really do shine, Anne! Thank you for spotlighting Jeanne and Michael’s project, one which I also strongly believe in. I urge everyone to check out “IMPASSE” and to support this gorgeous project.


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