I Heard The News Today..

As I was chatting with one friend…

…news came via instant message that another had died.


Please, no.

Please, any of you… don’t do this thing.

I know what it is to feel so alone. I know what it is to feel helpless and hopeless… absent of worth, of value.

But you are not. I promise you.

Damn, David, why? Really. Why, sugar, why?

Please, please do not do this thing. I beg of you. It is an all too permanent solution for a very temporary problem. Reach out for help. It’s there. I promise.


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3 Responses to I Heard The News Today..

  1. As cliche as it sounds, all I can think to say is what a shame. Praying for all involved.


  2. dehelen says:

    I’m not sure you or anyone else could have helped or stopped him, but maybe. Anyone who is planning or thinking of suicide, please give us a chance. Let us try to stop you, let us show you how much you are loved and how willing we are to help in any way possible.


    • An excellent outreach, “dehelen”; one which I echo. I’d also like to add that as an overcomer (my word) of violence and abuse, I would say that if you take your life, you truly become a victim. They win. Do you really want that? Fight back. Be stronger than the hatred, betrayal, whatever that has driven you to contemplate suicide. Don’t let them win. Use your pain to educate and elevate others.

      Also, know that you are NOT ALONE. People care about you. I care about you. Please…don’t give up. Instead, reach out for a lifeline.


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