My Way

My HRH blog-site has been terribly quiet; I’ve been throwing every ounce of energy into my web-series, which is scheduled to begin shooting October 7ish.

At the TLAU blog-site, I’ve been writing about the world that I’ve created, and the characters that exist in it. I have enjoyed being so transparent with this project; sharing my innermost thoughts, the lives of my characters, even putting the script up for one day, for others to download and absorb.

What I’ve really enjoyed is that I am creating this thing my way.

That’s where it all came from, you see. I’ve been slogging scripts around town, getting ever so close. The endless meetings. The suits with the sincerity of a garden slug. The MBAs chortling “love your work” only to hear that key-phrase belted out over and over to the next unfortunate writer to wander into the room.

I was weary of being told what I “can” and “cannot” do. I was sick of the rules.

So, I broke them. One by one, I tore those suckers down.

I created an episodic for the web; a full-fledged series with multiple story lines, complex characters, and cliffhangers. I wrote with multiple genres: Gothic film noir horror with a touch of romance. I wrote what I wanted to see – not the fart-laden vignettes splattered all over YouTube. I raised money on Kickstarter, and I funded it myself. I am (kindly) demanding excellence from production; I will not compromise my vision.

I wrote roles for actors, not for executives. I wrote for adults, instead of college kids. When I released the breakdowns, over 3,200 actors submitted. I screened every single one – and I brought in who I felt would best articulate the roles. At auditions, I asked the actors to drop the guard of performance, and to reach deep within, to bring honesty and truth to the table. They did, and I was so touched by their commitment.

At the end of the day – I did it my way.

From my Twitter feed: When Hollywood told me no, I was bold, and made TLAU my way… When the suits told me there were rules to webseries, I got bold and made my own rules… When a producer told me that this couldn’t be done, I did it anyway – and I did it my way.

I’ve never been so creatively satisfied in my life.

I encourage all of you who are weary of and jaded by the studio fast-food approach to storytelling to take a cue from me and create your project – and see it to completion. Be bold. Be committed. Do it your way.

Note: I’ve reached goal on my Kickstarter campaign, but my ultimate goal is to come in at 177%. Yup, that’s 177%. That extra cha-ching will go a long way in post, which is where this project is going to make it or break it. Soooo… if you like what you read, if I’ve entertained you, or even maddened you, if I’ve ever done you a proper, consider sending a ten-spot (or more if you wish) to my campaign. I’ll write you a really nice thank you note, and you get a couple of goodies. *blink-blink* Please consider supporting. You wouldn’t want to make a grown princess cry, would you?

HRH – Princess Scribe

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Screenwriter. Creator of things. I love tacos. "Midlife on Fire" Volumes 1 & 2 now available at
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2 Responses to My Way

  1. You’re enthusiasm is contagious Anne! Each new piece you unveil, brings us added excitement to see the finished product, and a high level of pride to be a part of the process!
    Thank you for that!

    Christine Koehler


  2. And thank YOU for your support, Christine! We couldn’t have done it without you!


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